”Ross is an outstanding speaker. He gives not only information that is helpful, but insights into how to make things work”

"coping with my sixteen hour days, my family responsibilities, and my economic realities has become easier since our seminars with Ross Young...." 
C.E.O. Century 21

"with Ross Young's Direction and encouragement, I was able to develop my interpersonal skills, encourage and motivate my employees and be successful in achieving my economic goals in these tough times." 
C.J. Olson, Pres. 
Olson's Hardware Ltd.


“I never thought I would ever learn to read until I met Ross and his wife Alicia. They have not only shown me how to read but have helped me in all aspects of my life. Thanks Ross”
Lee Henry

Ross has provided workshops throughout the western United States and Canada on a variety of 


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“Dynamic, fascinating, thought-provoking” are just a few words that have been used to describe speaker ROSS M YOUNG.
Ross captures the attention of his audience immediately whether discussing learning styles, birth order, or parenting. He quickly “reads” his audience and is able to tailor his remarks to fit the participants. A hallmark of his presentations is a hands-on experience that illustrates his theory and philosophy.

“Behavior – the main obstacle to a person’s learning”
“The importance of having a purpose to learning”
“Develop a support system to your learning”
“Understanding family dynamics – for regular families or blended families”

Workshops -
Ross is a speaker worth listening to. He provides insights, information to help bring you success. All sessions are fun, with a high degree of participation by all those that attend.
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If you are interested in having Ross speak to your group or organization contact him either:

Call 1-250-658-3015

or email to info@rossmyoung.com

Fees and arrangements will be made at that time.

Fun, enjoyable, and motivational presentations of the learning and parenting. 

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