”Ross is an outstanding speaker. He gives not only information that is helpful, but insights into how to make things work”

"coping with my sixteen hour days, my family responsibilities, and my economic realities has become easier since our seminars with Ross Young...." 
C.E.O. Century 21

"with Ross Young's Direction and encouragement, I was able to develop my interpersonal skills, encourage and motivate my employees and be successful in achieving my economic goals in these tough times." 
C.J. Olson, Pres. 
Olson's Hardware Ltd.


“I never thought I would ever learn to read until I met Ross and his wife Alicia. They have not only shown me how to read but have helped me in all aspects of my life. Thanks Ross”
Lee Henry

Henschel Fine Arts


ECLG learning center

Eaton Learning Center

Frontline Hosting

Web Site Design Services

Has a free test to determine your learning style.

Online workshops on strategies for studying.

List of articles and resources of learning strategies for teachers and students.

A summary of accommodations and how they can help with specific difficulties.

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