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"coping with my sixteen hour days, my family responsibilities, and my economic realities has become easier since our seminars with Ross Young...." 
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“I never thought I would ever learn to read until I met Ross and his wife Alicia. They have not only shown me how to read but have helped me in all aspects of my life. Thanks Ross”
Lee Henry



How Process Creates Product How Process Creates Product If we learn how to do something, what we learn will take care of itself. This seminar will show that while having goals is important, how we achieve these goals is the most important factor.
Batts BATTS stands for behavior, attitude, training, then skills.   For students who are said to be learning disabled, the teaching of skills should be left to the end. Once we have the behavior of a child (often avoidance) under control,provided the student with a new belief that they can learn,and have shown then how they individually learn, the teaching of a skill becomes simple. This seminar shows how to use this approach.
Don't try harder,
Try differently
We have all been told that if we only tried harder we would learn, but we don't. It doesn't make any sense to continue using something that does not work. This seminar shows that by trying differently we will achieve the success we want.
How "Birth Order" effects our learning We do not understand the role that "birth order" plays in learning. 70% of all learning problem children are youngest in their family. An description of birth order and how it affects learning is presented.
Inventive Activities in
learning to read
Many activities are presented that are inventive and unique, such as walking while reading, reading in slow motion and others. This is a participation seminar where all present will try some of these to see their effect.
Learning Math
through Games
Math is the simplest subject to learn and easiest to teach, yet look at the number of students who have trouble learning math. Games can be used to help in the learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The use of games makes it fun and a challenge to learn.
Making Challenges out of Obstacles Whenever we come to a point tht blocks our learning we have a choice to either give up or to challenge ourselves to break through the blocks. This seminar shows how these blocks are created and then how to challenge yourself so as to overcome the obstacles they have put in their way.
The key to
helping others
By learning how to listen and observe the behavior of a student, we can help them to overcome the blocks to their success. These may be the two most important skills we have to achieve in working with children who are having problems learning.

Play, The natural
way to learn

This seminar shows the importance of play in learning. The seminar has many examples of how to play with words, numbers and ideas.
Reading is simple,
why do we make it
so hard
This is a very different view of reading. Most students who are having problems reading think reading is difficult and maybe impossible. this seminar shows how reading is in reality very simple and how we complicate the process.
Seeing, Saying,
and Doing
The three modalities of learning are presented,so that the participant can see how they intake information best and use their strengths to upgrade their weaknesses. Do they learn auditorially, visually or kinesthetically. Each is described in full as well as how to identify which is used.
Unblocking the Blocks to our learning These sessioons will help people identify the blocks, see how they effect the learner and how to find ways to overcome these blocks.